Michael Bodnarchuk: Effective end-to-end Testing with CodeceptJS

JavaScript is a new Eldorado for automation testing. Unlike other ecosystems, testing in JavaScrip is not limited to Selenium. JavaScript is a modern flexible language – it has different tools for automating browser.

How to build effective JavaScript tests? We will take CodeceptJS, a meta-framework which allows to write test once and execute them via WebDriver, Protractor, Puppeteer or Nightmare. CodeceptJS provides a declarative way of writing tests. With CodeceptJS you can start writing tests from the first minutes.

You will learn:

  • basics of modern JavaScript (ES7), working with promises
  • learn pros and cons of different browser engines: WebDriver, Protractor, Puppeteer
  • writing basic browser tests using CodeceptJS
  • using interactive pause to write test as it goes
  • setting up page objects
  • retrying flaky steps
  • using locator builder



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