Alexander Reelsen: Getting Started with the Elastic Stack

The Elastic Stack has come a long from featuring Elasticsearch, Kibana and Logstash to far more products like APM and beats as well as more features in each of those products.

However getting up and running is crucial to use all the powerful features of each of those products and understand the proper use-cases in order to implement a stable and performant monitoring.

This workshop will help you to get started with Elastic Stack. We will cover the setup of various products in order to ingest log files, metrics data and APM data from with an application.

Intended audience:

  • SREs people who would like to monitor their servers
  • Developers who would like to monitor their applications
  • People who want to get up and running fast with their logging infrastructure


  • Introduction into each part of the Elastic Stack
  • Introduction in the Infrastructure UI
  • Introduction into Kibana dashboards
  • Best practices
  • Discussion, Q&A


All used examples and the presentation will be published. The examples are using docker/docker-compose.

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